91-year-old woman who chose epic road trip over cancer treatment passes away

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A few months ago, we brought you the story of Norma Jean Bauerschmidt, a spunky 91-year-old woman who chose to go on an epic road trip across the country instead of receiving cancer treatment.

Sadly, she passed away on Friday, according to her Facebook page Driving Miss Norma.

Last year, Bauerschmidt was diagnosed with uterine cancer just days after her husband of 67 years passed away. But instead of chemo, or radiation, or even surgery, she decided to go on the ultimate road trip across the United States.

In September 2015, Bauerschmidt hit the road in an RV with her son Tim and daughter-in-law Ramie for the adventure of a lifetime.

Her story touched the hearts of people worldwide, and over 450,000 Facebook fans followed her inspirational journey across the United States.

Following the news of her death, many of those Facebook fans shared tributes to Bauerschmidt.