5 p.m. Tuesday update on Hurricane Matthew

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INDIANAPOLIS--Hurricane Matthew made landfall in southwestern Haiti at 7 a.m. EDT and continues to move north. The latest observation at 5 p.m. EDT is that Matthew is still a Category 4 storm with winds of 140 mph just southeast of Cuba. Pressure has held steady at 949 mb and the forecast track keeps it close to the southeast coast of the U.S.



Spaghetti plot models show that the storm could make landfall anywhere from Florida to South Carolina as a strong hurricane. The latest data from the European model suggests the storm could make landfall in Florida while the American model shows a South Carolina landfall. However, there are a number of different solutions. It's possible the storm stays completely off the coast of the U.S. with impacts still being felt from Florida to the Mid-Atlantic.


Tropical storm and hurricane watches are already in effect for portions of Florida.



Up to two feet of rain is expected for southern Haiti with as much as one foot of rain in eastern Cuba. Life-threatening flash floods and mud slides are likely with this system in northwestern Haiti, southwestern Dominican Republic and eastern Cuba. All eyes are on this system as the storm marches toward the Bahamas and the U.S. in the coming days. --Danielle Dozier