October chill to end the week; Late season 80° warmth to return

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The day took a turn didn't it! Check out the view from our Victory Field cam at noon then again at 5:30 PM. A summer look and feel at lunchtime now looking more like autumn this evening.




Showers in the area have been a bit of a let down and are only reaching the expected 40% coverage.  A few downpours are possible through 12 to 1 AM then diminishing as a cold front sweeps through the state through the night.

We are forecasting the wind shifting front to pass Indianapolis around 11 pm then clear the state by 3 am.
Get ready for the quick cool off! A chilly morning coming Thursday but the coolest air of the season is behind this from and will be felt on Friday morning. Frost advisories tonight extend as far south as Kansas and by early Friday morning, outlying areas northwest of Indianapolis could be in patch frost territory.

Patchy front is possible northwest early Friday morning

Patchy frost is possible northwest early Friday morning with coolest air of seson


There are seesaws in the temperatures over the next 7 to 10 days but the overall pattern will run 'warmer' then normal. Temperature downturns look to be brief and before the chill reloads and pours in again late next week we could reach record-level warmth. High temperatures will surge again and surpass 80° starting Monday.


We circled the calendar date nearly two weeks ago, identifying October 21st for a bigger and bolder surge of colder air to arrive. As we approach the date the intensity of the chill is waning. Off two longer range computers forecasts, a sharp cool off is still expected after the new unseasonably warm stretch but as so often the case, at further distances, the changes in longer range patterns have been over amplified. We feel that this cool shot of cool will be jarring but brief and will ease again to end the month, once again ending another month above normal. We will monitor.


Forecast jet stream winds one week from Thursday. Coolest surge of the season coming after a new unseasonably warm spell