Police: 27-year-old son stabbed to death fighting off intruder

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MUNCIE, Ind. - A young man was stabbed to death while fighting off an intruder in his own home. Muncie police arrested 37-year old, Jeremy Bisel and charged him with battery, burglary and murder. Investigators say Bisel is homeless and they believe this deadly stabbing was random.

“It was scary because it could’ve been us,” said Miranda Conley, a neighbor.

Tuesday morning, just before 10:30, a woman called police reporting that she woke up to find an intruder standing in her bedroom doorway, armed with two knives and a baseball bat. The woman told police the man had “a crazed look.”

Investigators say the woman woke up her son for help and that’s when a fight started. While Bisel was allegedly attacking 27-year-old William Stover-Laudermilt, the young man’s mom was trying to get the knives away from Bisel.

The woman’s hands suffered severe cuts. Police say the woman ran across the street to a relative’s house for help, but when they returned, they found Stover-Laudermilt stabbed. The 27-year-old died at the hospital.

“I can only imagine what that family is going through and why? I mean, they just lost a loved one over a dummy coming through the door,” said Conley.

In the past five days, there have been three homicides in Muncie.

“I would say for us, it’s definitely an exception rather than the norm for our community,” said Brian Campbell, with the Muncie Police Department.

The victim’s family described Stover-Laudermilt as a "kind soul” who died trying to protect his mother. The family released a statement saying in part, “What we can say as a family is that we are sad and we are angry. We are sad because a light was taken from us way too soon.”

Bisel was arrested earlier this year in connection with a meth lab that was found in a vehicle.

A group called Stop the Violence is organizing a walk on Friday evening starting at 6. Organizers will meet at Heekin Park near the basketball hoops. The walk is set to go on South Vine Street, where this deadly stabbing happened.