New Castle pastor arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot kids with gun

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Bobby Slagle

HENRY COUNTY, Ind. – A pastor in New Castle was arrested after he allegedly threatened several kids with a gun when they rode their bikes by his church.

The incident happened around 5 p.m. on Monday outside Calvary Baptist Church, 2700 South Main Street.

According to court documents, two children, a brother and a sister, were riding their bikes to Baker Park. They passed by Calvary Baptist Church, and that’s when a man, later identified as the church’s pastor Bobby Slagle, 69, told them to “get off his property or he would shoot them.” The children told police that Slagle proceeded to Lift up his shirt and show them he had a gun. The gun handle was sticking out of his waistband.

Police went to Slagle’s home, and he invited the officers inside. When the officers asked him about the incident, he said he was frustrated about vandalism at the church. He also showed the officers his gun by raising his shirt.

Slagle said he had a lifetime carry permit and told officers “it was his right to tell the kids” what he’d told them.

Officer’s left the home and discussed the case with the Henry County Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecutor’s office made the decision to charge Slagle with intimidation.

Officers arrested Slagle at the church. As they tried to handcuff him, he “tensed up” and began to struggle with officers. Slagle was also charged with resisting law enforcement.

Police said Slagle’s gun contained “four live rounds” of ammunition when they took him into custody.