Pharmacy worker arrested for stealing 1,000 pills

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GREENWOOD, Ind. - Greenwood police arrested a pharmacy worker this week for stealing more than a thousand pills from her employer over the course of several months.

It happened at the CVS pharmacy on State Road 135. Police said Samantha Beaver confessed to skimming 1,281 pills from customers; 256 of those pills were Hydrocodone.

Police said customers tipped of managers at the pharmacy when they noticed they weren't getting all their medication. When staff investigated and reviewed surveillance video, they saw Beaver taking the pills and stuffing them in her socks.

"When she would fill someone’s prescription, before she would give it to them, she was hiding behind the counter or behind shelves there in the pharmacy, taking pills off the top and apparently stuffing them in her socks," explained Assistant Police Chief Matt Fillenwarth.

Police reported Beaver told them she was stealing the drugs for personal use. Fillenwarth said this is just the latest story telling the terrible tale of Indiana's opioid epidemic.

"It is such a terrible addiction. It’s such a strong addiction. And unfortunately right now it is just rampant," he said. "Nothing else matters in life. Not their kids, not their family, not their job. Not maybe thinking somebody’s not getting the medicine they need."

Beaver bonded out of jail. The prosecutor's office has not filed any official charges against her yet.