Record Cyber Monday sales expected

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- If you didn’t get enough shopping on Black Friday, get ready for Monday. The now-infamous Cyber Monday is here, and some experts say this year it could end up being bigger ever seen before.

At the Amazon fulfillment center in Boone County, the packages are already pouring out—hours before Cyber Monday officially begins.

“We’re just making our preparations and making sure our systems are in line and our great associates are ready to go,” said Cedric Ross, manager at the facility.

In fact, to meet demand this year the company says it could bring on as many as 3,000 extra seasonal workers just at the center in Boone County, not to mention Amazon’s other distribution plants around the country.

“We know we’re doing our job when it feels like it’s business as usual,” said Ross, “there are a few extra festivities going on because it’s Cyber Monday and it’s so important, but it really should still feel like business as usual for us.”

But if some analysts are correct, this year’s Cyber Monday could be anything but business as usual. Forbes Magazine says Cyber Monday 2016 could end up being the biggest shopping day in history, with total holiday online shopping sales hitting more than $90 billion when the season ends. And if sales are expected to be that high, your chance to nab any of those hot ticket items could turn into a holiday hassle if you don’t start early.

“We don’t anticipate we’re going to run out of anything, but if you shop early, you just have that better opportunity,” said Ross.