Hancock County man creates incredible movie trailer to propose to girlfriend at Star Wars screening

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HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. – A Hancock County woman thought she was going to a private screening of the new Star Wars movie, but  her boyfriend had something even better planned.

Josh Roland told FOX59 that he started dating Taylor Nicole Hof a few years ago after meeting through a mutual friend.

They wanted to save up enough money for a nice wedding before getting engaged, but they’re a young couple and Hof is currently in school.

Back in April, Roland was supposed to get a promotion at work. The couple had really been looking forward to it so they could save more money for a wedding. Roland got the promotion, but he told Taylor he didn’t.

So throughout the past eight months, he’s been diligently saving the extra money he’s made from the promotion and keeping it all a secret from Hof.

The couple loves watching movies together, so Roland decided he wanted to create a movie marriage proposal.

He contacted his local theater, Legacy Cinema, back in October and spoke with the theater manager about his plan.

A few weeks later, he told Hof he went to the movies with his dad, and while he was there he entered their names into a drawing to win tickets to win a private advanced screening for two to Star Wars: Rogue One.

He then created an official-looking document with the theater’s letterhead saying they won. The document said that they couldn’t say anything about it on social media and there would be a video camera set up at the screening to ensure that they wouldn’t record the movie.

Roland then ordered video editing software and a professional microphone to create the marriage proposal video.

On the day of “private advanced screening,” he left the theater just as the video was getting ready to play because he said he had a call from his boss.

He walked back in with the engagement ring when the video ended, and he proposed!

Hof is still so surprised by the whole thing a week later.

Roland says they haven’t yet set a wedding date.