Shelbyville police investigating report of woman sexually assaulted outside her home

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SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – Detectives are searching for two men who reportedly sexually assaulted a woman outside of her own home.

On the night after Christmas, a 39-year-old woman told police she was attacked and assaulted at her Shelbyville home. The victim reported that the men were hiding in the bushes when she returned home from a Christmas gathering. The attackers allegedly jumped out at her, tied her wrists, cut her clothes off and sexually assaulted her.

“They need to catch them ASAP because they’re out to get somebody else again, just give them time. It will be happen because that’s how cruel people are and they’re sick, very sick,” said Donna Castle, a neighbor.

The victim believes she may have been drugged because she remembers waking up after the attack and was just left lying outside. The 39-year-old woman went to the hospital and that’s when Shelbyville Police were called to investigate.

“It’s really sad and really scary, especially being right down the road from my house. I mean that’s very alarming, makes me a little scared,” said neighbor Tarashanda Laraway.

The incident happened on South Miller Street, which is right across the street from Shelbyville High School.

“This is just terrifying and there are young little girls walking around sometimes late at night like this,” said Castle.

Detectives are talking with the victim in an effort to see if she remembers any other clues that could help them catch the men who hurt her.

“You can’t replace yourself like that, that’s traumatizing to somebody, very traumatizing,” said Castle.

If you have any information that could help detectives in this case you’re asked to call the Shelbyville Police Department at 317-392-5108.