2016 was a wild weather year in central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –2016 was the 5th-warmest on record in Indianapolis with records dating back to 1871. The temperature was 55.8 degrees whereas the normal is 53.2 degrees.

January, February and March each saw above-average temperatures. There were several snows during the winter months with January seeing the most at 5.8 inches of snowfall.

Easter brought some severe storms with large hail and 0.18 inches of rain in Indianapolis. A wind storm moved through central Indiana on April 2 and brought winds of more than 60 mph. New Castle recorded a 65 mph wind and Eagle Creek Airpark Airport in Indy, a 60 mph wind.


May 1 would see numerous thunderstorms in central Indiana. Several supercell structures were seen on radar with many storms producing heavy rain and the potential for tornadoes. One tornado, an EF-0, occurred in Montgomery Co. near Darlington. The radar below shows the tornadic supercell as it moved between Linden and Darlington.


August would be an unusual month for severe weather. On August 15, a tornado outbreak occurred in central Indiana. There were eight tornadoes that day occurring near Clayton, Battle Ground, Brownsburg, Avon, Sheridan, Greentown and along the Hendricks/Boone Co. line. An EF-2 tornado swept through Whitestown. This would be a new daily record for tornadoes in August. The image below shows the damage the tornado caused in Whitestown. The picture is courtesy the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.


August 24 was also an active weather day in central Indiana. In fact, an outbreak of tornadoes occurred with 11 recorded in Indiana. Tornado warnings began shortly after 2:30 p.m. and numerous warnings were issued up through about 11 p.m. An EF-0 tornado occurred in Indianapolis. Howard County was hit the hardest by multiple tornadoes. The largest was an EF-3 that hit Kokomo. A Starbucks was destroyed as 152 mph winds hit the city. The picture below was the second tornado that moved through Kokomo that evening.


November would bring record warmth with a high temperature of 75 degrees in Indy on November 18. The month finished 4.5 degrees above average.

The first measurable snowfall of the 2016 fall and winter season would occur on December 13. Indianapolis recorded 3.9 inches of snowfall.  December 19th would be the coldest day of the season with -1 degree. This would be the first December day with sub-zero temperatures since Christmas Day of 2004. –Danielle Dozier