Clinton County woman searches for owner of wedding band found at gas station

Photo of ring courtesy of Yvette Grantham

CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. – A Clinton County woman is searching for the owner of a band found at a gas station.

Yvette Grantham says she found the gold band on Tuesday, January 3 between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. at Maramart Gas Station, 112 Main Street, Michigantown, Indiana.

The date inscribed on the band is 11-27-59, and the first set of initials is either P.J.W. or P.U.W. (she says it’s a little hard to read). There is a second set of initials, but Grantham wants to keep those private for now. She says the initials will need to be identified by the owner or a family member in order to claim it.

“We have asked everyone around our very small town and surrounding area where everyone knows everyone, but no luck. I was thinking it might have been someone on their way to or from a doctor appointment or hospital in Indy,” Grantham told FOX59.

Grantham is asking everyone in the Michigantown or Frankfort area to share the photo so she can find the rightful owner.