Bartholomew County woman scares off home intruders by firing gun

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BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. – A 29-year-old woman fought off intruders by firing a gun. On Wednesday afternoon, deputies received a 911 call from the victim reporting there were just two masked men inside her Bartholomew County home.

“I mean it’s pretty quiet out here. You don’t hear of anything like that going on that often,” said Elliot Keen, a neighbor.

The victim told detectives she confronted the intruders, pulled out a gun, and fired one shot as they took off.  It’s unclear if the bullet hit one of the intruders.

“Being a woman, as young as she is, I’m very proud of her and pleased to know that she was gutsy enough to do what she did,” said Kaye Coffman, a witness.

Coffman lives just down the road from the home where the alleged home invasion happened. Coffman happened to be watching out that Wednesday afternoon and told detectives she saw the getaway car take off.

“I saw it go and then a little bit later it was flying out so I thought that was odd they must’ve went somewhere quick,” said Coffman.

The victim did suffer some injuries but has been treated and released from the hospital.

Detectives believe the suspects were driving a blue or silver older model Cadillac. Investigators aren’t sure why if the intruder got away with anything other than a close encounter with a woman with a weapon.

“It really spooks me to the point to where I have a license to carry, and now I’m keeping my gun with me at all times, each room I go to I have it,” said Coffman.

Neighbors want these masked men to consider this time a warning.

“In this day and age, with all the stuff going on a lot more people are packing,” said Coffman.

If you know anything that could help catch these intruders, you’re asked to call the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department at (812) 379-1650.