Rexnord employees protest company’s decision to move jobs to Mexico

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Dozens of Rexnord employees gathered outside the Rockville Road facility Monday to protest the company's decision to move jobs to Mexico. Last fall, the company announced plans to relocate nearly 300 jobs to Monterrey, Mexico. Layoffs are set to begin next month.

Employees had a clear message for the company and politicians -- 'keep it made in America.' The workers held signs with the phrase as they demonstrated outside the facility for much of Monday evening.

"We’re basically trying to get the public aware that their jobs will be next," said Randall Decker, who has worked at Rexnord for 27 years. "Just trying to have them see what happens here."

Some workers, like Danny Ahlbrand, spent decades working for the company. He said he feels for the younger men and women with kids who are losing their jobs.

"It's just corporate greed," said Ahlbrand, after 42 years of employment. "I’m going to be out here with my brothers and sisters."

"It was like losing a loved one," said John Leonard, another longtime Rexnord employee. "Most everybody’s put their heart and soul in this place. This is the thanks we’re getting."

Workers tell FOX59 they are keeping a close eye on what the new administration is doing in Washington D.C. Specifically, they want to see whether President Donald Trump will follow through with his stance on companies that leave the country.

"They're going to have a tax to pay, a border tax -- substantial border tax," President Trump said.

On Monday, President Trump met with CEO's of major companies and union leaders. He previously tweeted about the Rexnord situation saying it's happening all over the country, adding "no more!" Rexnord employees hoped the then president-elect would step in as he did with Carrier to save jobs. Since then, there has been no update on plans for his administration to intervene and keep these jobs in Indiana.

"I hope he gets accomplished what he says where they put tariffs on these people who take their things across the border," said Brian Reed, Rexnord employee for 24 years. "You just hope he follows through with that and encourages companies to stay here in America."

Employees who are laid off will get severance packages that include six months of healthcare and one week's pay for every year worked.