Seniors give gift cards to college students for Random Acts of Kindness Day

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ANDERSON, Ind. -- On Random Acts of Kindness Day, a group of seniors showed up at Anderson University to hand out gift cards to unsuspecting college students.

The group of four women came from Primrose Retirement Communities, where many local residents are AU graduates. The company helped its residents participate in the day across the country Friday.

Dondeena Caldwell wore her AU colors and made quick work, handing out dozens of Amazon gift cards worth $10 each.

"They were so excited and so surprised, and I’m sure they’re grateful," Caldwell said.

Caldwell and fellow resident Patt Clark said they were thrilled to make the day of students, calling it one of the best activities they've ever done.

"It was so much fun. They were so appreciative, I mean I wish we had more," Clark said.

"I just enjoy being back at Anderson University," Caldwell said.

The women handed out 75 gift cards total. Students said they'd use the money, especially for textbooks.

"For buying books or buying anything else, (it's) something we need, for sure," sophomore Jordan Baker said.

"It was really kind, I wasn’t expecting it," Baker said.

"It was really kind, I wasn’t expecting it at all," freshman Xavier Halsell said.

The small act brought together people of two very different generations who might not otherwise see each other very often.

"I think it creates friendship and a better feeling among the different generations," Caldwell said.

"It was awesome, made the day a whole lot better," sophomore Mary Jane DeWitt said.