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Donut Dash: The ‘tastiest 5K’ of the year

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.— Can you stomach this 5K?

Organizers of the Circle City Donut Dash 5K claim it’s the tastiest 5K of the year, but it may be one of the most difficult. Racers must eat a dozen donuts when they reach the halfway point before they can complete the race.

It’s not easy feat, and that’s exactly why this year things have changed. Instead of consuming a dozen whole donuts, runners ate a dozen donut holes.

To be eligible to win Donut Challenge Awards, racers must eat and finish all 12 donut holes at the donut station. Racers must also finish the halfway “snack” within 45 minutes of the start to be eligible.

The best part—racers must “hold down” all 12 donuts until they cross the finish line.

The purpose of doing the run, besides having a fun time, organizers say is to benefit Teachers’ Treasures. Teachers’ Treasures assists more than 2400 teachers from 250 schools within Marion County each and every year.

Once a month teachers can come to Teachers’ Treasures and fill a shopping cart up with school supplies for free. There are some limitations on how many of a particular school supply item they can take, but it saves teachers hundreds of dollars each year.