New Castle man arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs into Henry County Jail

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Curtis Ray Neal, 36.

Update: Curtis Neal pleaded guilty to trafficking with an inmate on April 27, 2017. His other charges were dismissed. He was sentenced to six years in jail, two of which will be suspended. He’ll also be placed on probation for a year.

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NEW CASTLE, Ind. – A New Castle felon is in jail again.

Curtis Ray Neal, 36, was arrested on Feb. 10 outside of the Henry County Jail. An investigator reportedly witnessed Neal trying to force a device under a garage door at the jail.

That device was later determined to contain controlled substances, including Suboxone.

The officer then reported that Neal ignored his demands to stop, so he used his stun gun to subdue him. According to a court document, Neal was examined by medical personnel after being stunned by the officer, and then placed in jail.

Last week, he was charged with trafficking with an inmate, possession of a controlled substance and criminal trespass.

This is not the first time Neal has been in jail. In August of 2014, he was charged with obstruction of justice after giving a fake story to police about missing 25-year-old woman Brianna DiBattiste. Her body was later discovered near a pioneer cemetery in Jay County.

In addition to these charges, he’s also been convicted of forgery, auto theft, theft, trafficking with an inmate, DUI and battery in the past.

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