Tracking a Spring-like storm; Severe weather threat overnight

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A cloudy and damp afternoon and evening but changes are coming as a strong Spring-like storm system approaches later tonight.

The threat of severe weather is on the rise as a warm front moves north through the state this evening. Tornado watches have been issued Tuesday through 11 pm est in western Indiana. There is a threat for thunderstorms to develop and produce a tornadoes near and along the northbound warm front early tonight.


There is a large portion of the Midwest outlined by the Storm Prediction Center for the threat of severe t-storms overnight and into early Wednesday morning.

The threat reaches its peak overnight. The off hours is rare and even more rare for February. Storms will not require sunlight energy to become severe. They will use an abundance of wind energy to form and will be capable of being severe. Winds that chance direction with height (shear) will increase especially favorable for tornadoes over south-central Indiana late tonight and around midnight.


I’m posting below the National Weather Service’s SREF (Short Range Ensemble Forecast) tornado ingredients. Initially higher over north-central Illinois (near the warm front) a new area will develop later tonight to the south and southwest.

They are highest over the south-central portion of the state through sunrise but all of central Indiana could see a few tornadoes.


Several rounds of storms is expected starting later this afternoon initially north. A batch of strong to severe storms will then spread into central Indiana later tonight with a final round sweeping the entire state by sunrise.

All severe weather elements are possible including tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail.


BE WEATHER AWARE! Make sure you stay up to date on the changing conditions. Have a severe weather plan – one that includes receiving alerts while you sleep. Make sure cell phones and tablets are charged. We will keep you up to date throughout night. Be sure to tune in to FOX 59 through the evening.