Indianapolis man sentenced to 100 years for raping three women at gunpoint

Randy Pitts

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– An Indianapolis man who pleaded guilty to raping three women at gunpoint will spend the remainder of his life in jail.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced Thursday that Randy Pitts was sentenced to 100 years in the Indiana Department of Correction.

In September, Pitts pleaded guilty to three counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and carrying a handgun without a license.

According to court documents filed in the case, Pitts would wait in the women’s bathroom for more than 20 minutes at a time before attacking his victim.

He raped three women at gunpoint in the area around 1600 Bellefontaine Street.  In the attempted rape, he shoved a woman into a stall and held a gun to her head to try and get her to perform sexual acts. The victim pushed the gun away and said, “I’d rather be shot than raped.”

“We are pleased that an appropriate substantial sentence has been ordered for these violent, predatory acts,” Prosecutor Curry said. “The detectives who investigated these cases and our deputy prosecutors are to be commended for their perseverance and commitment on behalf of the assault victims.”