Rory Feek shares photos from 3-year-old daughter’s birthday one year after Joey’s death

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Photo of Indy courtesy of This Life I Live blog

POTTSVILLE, Tenn. — Saturday, March 4 marks the one-year anniversary of Joey Feek’s death. The 40-year-old country music singer and Alexandria, Indiana native passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Joey’s husband Rory Feek talked about the anniversary and their daughter Indiana’s 3rd birthday on his blog This Live I Live.  Rory said that Indy’s grandparents and three aunts from Indiana were able to travel down to their home in Tennessee for the little girl’s birthday.

Rory says Indy received “more presents to open than any three-year-old could ever imagine,” and she received mail from fans all over the world.

Photo of Indy and Rory courtesy of This Life I Live blog

Photo of Indy and Rory courtesy of This Life I Live blog

But she received one present in particular that was extra special.

“What do you get a child for their birthday who has everything?  Everything that is… except a mama. I got her a piano,” Rory wrote.

Rory says Joey always wanted their little girl to have a piano.

“First off, Joey and I want Indy to grow up loving music and learning to play an instrument,” Rory wrote. “Who knows, maybe someday write her own songs on this piano, or at least have fun trying to learn to play it.  Another reason is because with all that’s happened in our lives, there hasn’t been any new music in the house for a long time, and having a piano sitting in the middle of the living room might encourage there to be some.”

Photo of Indy's new piano

Photo of Indy’s new piano courtesy of This Life I Live blog

Rory’s friend James Slater wrote a song for Indy called “Ain’t My Baby Grand,” which he played on the new piano.

“Yes, Indiana’s birthday was wonderful, but we were all also a little sad… missing Joey.  Wishing she could be here with us.  But like always, in our hearts we felt like she was. That she was celebrating and singing along and dancing with all of us,” Rory wrote.

See more photos from Indy’s big day on Rory’s blog here.

Photo of Indy dancing courtesy of This Life I Live blog

Photo of Indy dancing courtesy of This Life I Live blog