Get prepared for spring storms

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- This week is severe weather preparedness week. Every year, we see storms in our area that can threaten the lives of you and your family, and authorities want you to be prepared as we move into the spring months.

The people in Kokomo know all too well how dangerous these storms can be. Officials there say despite how devastating those storms last August were, no one was killed or severely injured, which they say is a testament to having a safety plan in place.

Steve Wooley was inside his house last August when one of eight tornadoes ripped through his neighborhood.

“I kind of crowded up against the corner of the wall, figured that was about as safe as anywhere,” said Wooley.

The storms left a path of destruction, along with a damage bill well into the millions.

“But miraculously, we did not have any fatalities or serious injuries,” said Howard County Emergency Management official Marshall Talbert.

He says it’s because people had a plan. And that’s something state officials want everyone to have ready this week.

“People need to be aware and be prepared every month of the year,” said Talbert.

He says remember the three “P’s”: plan, prepare and practice. Make sure you know where to go when severe weather strikes; get all of your emergency supplies organized and ready; and then practice, especially with kids who may be home alone after school.

“A lot of these storms will strike in the afternoon,” said Talbert, “please make sure your kids know what the plan is and how to best seek shelter.”

A weather radio is also something to invest in. They’ll usually run about $50 at the store, but most counties have a supply of radios available for families who can’t afford one.

Howard County will be hosting a storm spotting class on Saturday, March 25, at the Bonna Vista Imagine That facility in Kokomo. It will be at 1 p.m. and it’s free to attend. They’ll also be talking about storm safety and will have a limited number of storm radios to pass out to people in need.