Marsh tries to stay afloat in changing grocery market

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- If you buy your groceries at several area Marsh stores, you’re going to have to find a new place to shop. The Indiana grocery store giant announced it’s closing even more of its stores, following the closure of several others this year.

Pretty soon shoppers at the marsh in Nora will be getting their groceries elsewhere. The store will close up shop on April 8, joining a handful of others, like the one at 53rd Street and Keystone Avenue, which closed in January.

“It just seems the market is evolving,” said Butler economist Bill Rieber, who adds Marsh is up against one-stop shop retailers like Meijer and higher-end, specialty places like Whole Foods.

“And then you have food offered at lower prices like Aldis and Marsh is kind of stuck in the process as of right now,” said Rieber.

In February, the Marsh on West 10th Street and Girls’ School Road closed down, and next week the one on Madison Avenue on Indy’s south side will also close.

“It’s extremely competitive, because there are so many players in the market at different niches within that particular market,” said Rieber.

What began as a family-owned company in the 1930s sold to a corporation based in Florida in 2006, possibly losing some of that “family feel” customers here came to know.

“There’s no loyalty, in a sense that it’s local, compared to grocery chains that aren’t local,” said Rieber.

A Marsh spokesperson says the Nora location is closing due to weak performance. Another factor all brick and mortar stores are up against is online retailers delivering groceries to your door.

Marsh hasn’t said at this point what other stores, if any, could be closing down.