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Thousands demand #JusticeForBradsWife after Indiana woman is fired from Cracker Barrel

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Photo of Cracker Barrel by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

CORYDON, Ind. – Thousands of people online are demanding answers and #JusticeForBradsWife after Cracker Barrel recently fired an Indiana woman.

It all started when a man named Bradley Reid Byrd publicly posted on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page, “Why did you fire my wife?”

Byrd claimed in other posts on the page that his wife Nanette was fired from the Cracker Barrel in Corydon without explanation after 11 years of service. To make matters worse, she was terminated on Byrd’s birthday.

A woman named Michelle Bowman Neuhauser has responded to people on the Facebook page saying Nanette was “an older woman whom coworkers/customers say was hardworking and averaged 50-60 hours a week.” Neuhauser claims Nanette was fired by district manager Gwen Alexander because she “wasn’t working out.”

Well this just didn’t sit well with thousands of people online. The hashtag #JusticeForBradsWife began trending, and now people all across the world have been commenting on every single Cracker Barrel Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram post demanding answers–literally, every single post!

Someone even started a petition demanding answers from Cracker Barrel CEO Sandra Cochran, and it’s already received more than 16,000 signatures.

At this time, no one from the corporate team at Cracker Barrel has publicly responded to the situation.

Byrd posted an update on his Facebook page saying he has still not heard from Cracker Barrel.

FOX59 has reached out to both Byrd and Cracker Barrel about the situation, but neither party has responded to our request for a statement.