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Fire on near east side displaces residents

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Early Saturday morning, authorities responded to a double-residence fire on the near east side.

Around 2 a.m., six residents were evacuated from the building near the 900 block of North LaSalle Street. The building was described as a residence where rooms were rented out and the kitchen was shared.

Two neighbors noticed that the building was on fire, and helped alert the occupants to the fire. 22-year-old Kevin Woffard and 21-year-old Cameron Wade told firefighters that they were on the street, headed toward the gas station when they heard a woman screaming.

They looked up and saw 33-year-old Jessica Sims hanging out of the second floor window with the glow of fire behind her. They helped her down after she dropped onto the porch roof.

Woffard and Wade then began knocking on each door.

The building had no working smoke detectors.

No injuries were reported, but authorities say there are $70,000 worth of damages.

The fire started in Sims' room, who told authorities she dropped a cigarette while trying to light it, but they were unable to get definitive information from her.


The investigation is ongoing.