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Turkey troubles continue for Indiana drivers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A dangerous trend continues to play out across Indiana: wild turkeys flying into windshields, causing massive damage and putting drivers at risk. This may sound funny to some, but officials say it’s no laughing matter and warn we could be seeing this happen more often.

Friday morning a woman was driving in Danville, when a huge turkey smashed into her windshield. Luckily, she was alright, but the turkey did not survive.

“It just struck the windshield so hard and so fast,” said Anne Tennery, who was driving her car in Danville when the turkey hit.

“Thank goodness there were no kids in there,” said Tennery, who is 38-weeks pregnant and went to the hospital after the accident to get checked out.

“They’re wild animals and they don’t know cars are going to hurt them,” said Markie Throgmorton of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Officials say there’s no good way to prevent this from happening, although it has been happening at an alarming rate.

Last month, turkeys struck state troopers’ cars in Scott and LaPorte Counties, along with another driver’s car who was passing through from New jersey.

Authorities say it is currently mating season for turkeys which is why many are acting erratically. Officials also say that the turkey population is on the rise, which means there will likely be more encounters between people and the birds. Turkeys were nearly extinct in Indiana after the Great Depression, and officials have spent years trying to build their numbers back up.