Young Hoosier rewarded with tickets to first Cubs game after hard day’s work

PIERCETON, Ind. - Kolt Kyler thought last weekend was going to be like a lot of other weekends, busy.

Regular errands, such as making sure his families' cows and pigs are fed, didn't disappear. Mixing in a double-header after his chores and you'd think 9-year-old Kolt might have been too tired to keep working.

Andy Kyler, Kolt's dad, wanted to make sure his son's always positive demeanor didn't go unnoticed, and surprised Kolt, from Pierceton, with tickets to his first ever Cubs game. He asks Kolt if he is ready to go somewhere with him all day, which might mean more farm work, and Kolt says yes without hesitation.

Watch the amazing moment above when Kolt realizes he will be going to Wrigley Field for the first time.

"Me and daddy are going to Wrigley Field!" yelled Kolt through tears of joy.

FOX59 spoke recently with Natalie Kyler, Kolt's mother, about the moment and Kolt's love for the Cubs.

"He is by far the number one Cubs fan...if the game isn't recorded then he's upset if he misses it," she said.

The little leaguer has big dreams of being a Major League Baseball player, and he has a pretty clutch favorite player. According to Natalie, Kolt loves Addison Russell more than anyone on the Cubs.

Russell added to Kolt's anticipation of witnessing Wrigley today, hitting a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Kolt and his dad will be going to Wrigley on Saturday, June 3 against the arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals.

Video courtesy of Hannah Himes and the Kyler family.