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Family seeks answers after crash kills young Shelby County mother

SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. -- A family is searching for any information in a crash that killed their 25-year-old daughter, Heather Poe, in Shelby County as the sheriff's department investigates what role, if any, a pair of motorcyclists may have had in the moments leading up to the wreck.

"I just believe people should step up, don't be a coward about this and own it," Poe's mother, Tammy Poe, said.

The drivers have not come forward nearly a month after the March 24 crash near C.R. 325 E and S.R. 44. Thursday, investigators released photos of the bikes. They're looking for two men and two women.

"Where were they at, did they see that crash, were they past that crash, did it happen in front of them? That's what we don't know," Chief Deputy Louie Koch said.

Investigators said witnesses indicated the drivers may have tried to overtake multiple vehicles just prior to the crash, which may have caused traffic to slow or try to avoid a collision with them.

"There was a line of traffic on east 44 traveling, they noticed the motorcycles passing so the car started to slow down which eventually caused the chain reaction of crashes," Koch said.

Investigators said they want to figure out whether the riders were a contributing factor.

"She gave her life for them, to keep them safe," Poe said.

She said Heather left behind a 4-year-old daughter, Jocelynn. She was getting ready to throw a 5th birthday party for her.

"She had plans for her future and that got taken away," Poe said.

If you have any information, contact the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.