Two different shootings involving IMPD officers illustrates need for police protective gear

INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been a dangerous week for Indianapolis police.

A burglary Friday morning on the east side led to shots being fired at an IMPD officer. Two days earlier, an officer opened fire at an armed suspect during a foot chase.

After a search that lasted several hours, police took three people into custody following Friday morning’s shooting.

“These particular individuals are dangerous. They are dangerous not only to law enforcement, they are dangerous to our community,” said IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams.

Sgt. Adams says it all started with a home burglary near Washington and Post Rd. That’s where an officer tried to pull over a van. The driver sped away and someone inside started shooting at the police squad car, although no one got hit.

Police eventually found all three suspects several hours later. 18-year-old Michael Hostetter, 21-year-old Steven Cosand, and 19-year-old Daltyn Randolph are all facing felony burglary charges. Additional charges are likely.

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, an IMPD officer in a different incident was forced to shoot at an armed man during a foot chase on E. Raymond St.

No one got hurt while the bullets were flying, but some say this week proves how important it is to outfit police with the best protective gear possible.

“Unfortunately, we have an element that will resort to violence in the middle of the crimes against other people. If they’re willing to attack law enforcement, they’ll attack anyone,” said FOP President Rick Snyder.

Snyder says the violence this week illustrates the need for additional safety equipment for officers.

This year, IMPD got the go ahead to buy 1700 tactical helmets and another 1700 vests with rifle plate armor to outfit every officer for dangerous tactical situations.

Some of the helmets are available to be distributed immediately and the goal is to get all the gear in the hands of officers by the summer.

“I hope what folks take away is we live in a violent society,” said Snyder. “As everyone knows, anything could happen at any time, but that’s also the point.”

Police say officers were conducting a covert investigation before the shooting because it’s believed the suspects are responsible for a number of recent crimes.