Check sump pumps to avoid costly damage

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- As the rain continues to fall, experts say you need to be aware of the damage this much rain can do to your home. In particular, people who have a sump pump need to be especially aware.

Since last week, the phones have been ringing nonstop at Hope Plumbing.

“Call volume probably doubles during heavy rains,” said owner Jack Hope, adding that most of the calls are from homeowners dealing with an emergency that usually could have been avoided.

“We wish we had more people call before these big rains started so we can do this stuff proactively and prevent the damage,” said Hope.

Most of the time, those problems have to do with with sump pumps.

“Go check on it and make sure it’s working,” said Hope, “if it’s not working, go call a plumber right away.”

He says typically a sump pump needs to be replaced every five years; however, you can check it by running water through the system to make sure it kicks on.

“Pumps are like people,” said Hope, “exercise is good for them, the more they work the longer they last.”

Keeping your pump maintained is also a way to ensure your homeowner’s insurance is more likely to cover damage if a pump fails. He says recently, they’ve seen several customers whose claims were denied after insurance companies decided those homeowners had not adequately maintained their sump pumps.

You can also get a backup pump that is battery-operated to take over in the event your power goes out and the main sump pump doesn’t work.