Delphi residents reclaim trail where girls were murdered

DELPHI, Ind. - More than one hundred Delphi residents walked part of the trail where two girls were kidnapped and murdered three months ago in an attempt to reclaim the land from the man who killed the teens.

Abby Williams and Libby German were found dead February 14th, one day after they disappeared while hiking the Monon High Bridge Trail east of Dephi.

On Sunday, residents gathered for a prayer service at Veterans Plaza on the east side of Freedom Bridge before walking a half mile along the trail.

“They’re there for one another,” said U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly who also walked with the grieving townspeople. “They’re praying together, spending time together and have great faith in the state police, the FBI, Sheriff Leazenby, they have great faith and know how hard they’re working.”

Donnelly’s presence was intended to remind the heartbroken community of the federal government’s commitment to solving the killings even if there are fewer FBI agents and police officers are working out of the investigation command center in downtown Delphi.

“We are pouring everything we have into this to solve this,” said Donnelly, “to make sure it doesn’t happen to any other children in Indiana or any other state and that we catch this guy."

“We just want our kids to have the chance to be kids again,” he went on to say.

Investigators are awaiting evidence test results to come back from the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Viriginia.

Detectives released a photograph of the killer, snapped by one of the girls on her cell phone as the man approached them on a bridge.

If you recognize the man in the photograph, call the Delphi Homicide Tipline at 1-844-459-5786 or log on to