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East side school unveils completed Peace Park

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Indianapolis, Ind. – A Peace Park unveiled after a night of gun violence across the city.

One of the shootings ended with a man dead just a half mile from the park.

“Hearing that there was a traumatic event this morning is a constant reminder that we should be reflecting on the positive and we should be thinking about how well work together,” said Tommy Reddicks, director of the Paramount School of Excellence.

The parks sits on a transformed hillside, running alongside Brookside Parkway, right on school grounds. City officials and U.S. Paralympic medalist joined the school in celebrating the completion of its community park Sunday afternoon.

They held the dedication event on National Barrier Awareness Day to showcase the ADA-compliant ramp that gives all visitors access to the observation decks.

A large wind chime and other decorative items move with nature as the trees surround them do.

It took six years and dozens of collaborations to bring the peace park vision to fruition. They unveiled a portion of the completed art installations nearly a year ago.

Now that the park is finished, director Tommy Reddicks hopes the community will find the park a welcoming, safe space.

“It’s about trust-building and place-making,” said Reddicks. “It’s about feeling like this is some place that we have that we feel like is part of our home, that is part of our quality of life and value of ownership in our neighborhoods.”