Former Pacers coach George Irvine dies at 69

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Photo of George Irvine during the 1985-1986 season courtesy of the Indiana Pacers

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –  Former Indiana Pacers coach George Irvine has passed away.

The Pacers made the announcement on Tuesday morning.

“George Irvine brought me to Indiana and in my mind he was the beginning of NBA basketball with the Pacers in our building process for the years to come,” said former Pacers president Donnie Walsh. “He had a great basketball mind, which allowed him to function at a high level as a coach, administrator and purveyor of talent. George was a once-in-a-lifetime friend and one of the best men in my life.”

Irvine served as the Pacers’ head coach from 1984-86, was an interim head coach in 1988 and also an assistant coach from 1980-83, in 1991-92 and 1993-95.