Indiana woman sentenced to over 67 years in prison for murder of 3-year-old

Jennifer Schooler

RIPLEY COUNTY, Ind. – A woman found guilty of murdering a 3-year-old in Ripley County will serve the maximum sentence.

Jennifer Schooler was sentenced Tuesday to a total of 67.5 years in prison. She did receive 862 days of jail credit for time served.

A jury found Schooler guilty on all charges in January, including murder, aggravated battery causing death, and neglect of a dependent causing death.

The investigation leading to Schooler’s conviction began in August 2015 after she called Batesville police and told them that her boyfriend’s 3-year-old son Bradyn Chadwell was unresponsive.

Chadwell was initially revived at the scene and taken to Margaret Mary Community Hospital. He was later flown to University of Cincinnati Hospital where he died.

The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital said Chadwell had multiple bruises on his head, leg, buttocks and arm; retinal hemorrhages; a subdural hematoma; a rib fracture; a finger fracture; and a thumb fracture.

It was later determined that Chadwell died from a head injury.

Schooler told investigators conflicting reports about how Chadwell died. Police interviewed her on August 17, and she allegedly admitted to spanking Chadwell with a wooden spoon while holding onto his arm. She told police that she then pushed or shoved him into a coffee table, and that’s how he hit his head.