Storm threat returns soon; Wet Spring will be taking a drier and warmer turn soon

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A stripe of 1" to 2" of rain fell early Tuesday morning.  It was noisy!  Heavier total of over 2" were reported at Geist, Whitestown, Carmrel and Lafayette.

Some dry time overnight will be welcomed! Only a spotty shower or storm is possible early this evening. Rainfall will be very isolated.

This the wettest May and Spring to date in over a half century!  The May rainfall is the highest since 1961, nearing 3" above normal. Spring 2017 has totaled 14.75" (since March 1st) and marks the wettest Spring since 1964! This spring ranks #5 wettest all-time through the 9th of may. Enough already!

The new rain total for Indianapolis is 8.55" over the past 13 days! Since Apr 27th we've had over 4 times the normal rainfall.


What a spread form southwest to northeast.  Weather forecasting can be very tricky to say the least and Tuesday was a perfect example of that!  The temperature ranged from a Summer-like 82-degrees in Terre Haute while north of the front were March-like 50s!

The front will slip south again later tonight.


Showers will be rather limited this evening and NOT likely overnight. So we get some dry time. However, fog will be an issue early Wednesday. Visibility could be very low early Wednesday.

Showers and storms will once again threaten by Wednesday evening and overnight into Thursday. Locally heavy rainfall is possible along with a a few gusty or strong storms. We will monitor with updates on timing and intensity!


Better news longer range - a drier and warmer pattern is emerging to start next week. With only a slight chance of a shower passing Saturday, a new pattern is to take hold starting next week.  May's chill will ease - each of the first 9 days ahve been below normal and with upper level pattern developing a 'block' - a extended dry spell could be just what the doctor ordered.  We will stay on it and have more as the week unfolds!