Brazen thief steals wedding ring, cash from car in Avon

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AVON, Ind.- A thief broke into a car and stole cash and a priceless piece of jewelry.

Tonya Holtgrave calls the crime personal.

“I just feel like shame on them, shame on them,” said Tonya Holtgrave.

The thief was so bold he decided to break into a car while it was sitting the owner’s driveway and cameras caught him in the act. Footage shows the thief wearing a ski mask and armed with a flashlight.  Within seconds, the thief peeks inside the car, opens the door and then goes back for more.

“Some major losers, people that don’t want to go to work and work for their money,” said Holtgrave.

Holtgrave says the thief stole $3,000 in cash and her wedding ring.

“When I saw the video I was pissed. I cried and got all that over with and then yes, it pissed me off,” said Holtgrave.

This past week, Holtgrave cried a lot this past week and especially within the past day.  Less than 24 hours before the crime she was at a funeral saying a final goodbye.

“My brother passed away. He was only 51, that was the day of his funeral.”

The $3,000 was meant to cover her brother’s funeral expenses. Holtgrave told FOX59 this is the first time her car hasn’t been parked in the garage overnight.  She admits it should’ve been locked but feels an unlocked car doesn’t give a stranger permission to steal.

“Whatever I did, this is my property. No one has any right to step on my property and take my belongings. Nobody! There’s no justification for that. None,” she said.

This grieving sister wants the thief to know she caught him on not one but two cameras.

“They better watch it because I think they will get caught.”

Avon police did take at least one other report of a car break-in from that same neighborhood that same night.