Local woman not losing hope as she searches for her mom nearly 20 years later

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It's been 19 years since a local woman has seen or heard from her mom. And this Mother's Day weekend she wants to share her story of forgiveness.

Now a mom herself, Julie Springer says that's even more reason to find her own mother because she wants to be a family. And nearly two decades later she's still holding on to hope she'll see her mother again.

"I think in order to get away from what she had done and she just vanished she just vanished when I was 13-years-old and I haven't heard or seen her since then," Julie said.

After getting over the pain and anger Julie started to look for her mother when she was 18-years-old. She has a photo as a lasting memory of her mom, Rebecca Eilert who was 45 when she last saw her.

"I've done a lot of Google searches and I've called so many Rebecca Parkers and Rebecca Eilerts it's unreal all the way from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia to Texas."

After struggling with infertility Julie and her husband have a two-year-old son and they're expecting again. She wants her mom to share in this joy.

"To have my mother back and to be a mother myself and to be able to share that experience with her would be absolutely lovely."

Julie says over the years she's healed from her hurtful past and she's still hopeful for a future with her mother.

"After time she will have realized that you know family is important and now that I have a son and one on the way family is extremely important to me."

Now a mother who gives love at 32-years-old she won't stop searching to receive this feeling from her own mom.

"There's a lot of love out there and sometimes you have to look a little harder for it but you just have to find it."

Julie will continue her search. She hopes this story and the photo will spark someone's memory and hopefully she can get some leads.