Marion man makes movie trailer to draw attention to pothole

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MARION, Ind -- A Marion man is using some unusual methods to draw attention to a pothole problem.

Larry Cruz lives across the street from a Burger King. He says a pothole at one of the restaurants exits has been giving drivers fits.

So he decided to make a movie trailer about it.

It got annoying and I just sat out here and started seeing other cars bottom out. And I had some time on my hands the other day so I said let’s see what this video does, let’s see if it gets the town talking,” he said.

Cruz says he filmed the exit for a few days while dozens of cars “bottomed out” on the pothole. Then using a little movie magic he put it all together.

“I got all the reactions I was looking for some people laughed at it and thought it was hilarious.  Some people thought I don’t even go to burger king but I want to share your video,” he said.

The general manager for the Burger King says part of the reason they weren’t able to permanently fix the pothole was because of all the spring rain.

The manager went on to add that they had tried unsuccessfully to use cold patches to fix the pothole. At last check the manager said a contractor had been hired to fix the pothole.

To see the Larry Cruz’s complete trailer you can visit here.