Behind the Badge: First responders, mother reunite after dangerous birth

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Remitha Woodford always called her 1-year-old son Daemond an “adventure baby,” a nickname given to him due to the unusual circumstances in which he was born. But on Monday morning, the mother of two learned her youngest son was actually a “miracle baby.”

Last April, when Remitha went into sudden labor, firefighters and IEMS were called to her home. Her baby was breech, and coming quickly.  Per her doctor’s orders, Remitha and her husband had climbed into her bathtub to prepare for birth. The first responders arrived minutes later

“So dad is completely in the bathtub mom’s halfway in the bathtub so who else is going to get in there?” IEMS Paramedic Nicole Hall said.

Because she was the smallest of all the responders, Nicole Hall also climbed into the tub to assist with the birth. It didn’t take the crew long to notice that due to Daemond being breech, there was a large risk for strangulation.

“We were faced with a life and death decision, we had to do something but we couldn’t because you’re down a hall in a narrow tub and if we moved mom you would strangulate the baby,” Jeff Muszar with IFD said.

Paramedic Hall says she was working quickly to help deliver the baby when she noticed that his air supply had been cut off, something that Remitha didn’t even know until their reunion a year later.

“I didn’t know any of this, and to see him walking around and bumping his head, doing kids’ stuff is like amazing,” she said.

Once Daemond was delivered, paramedic David Lehenbauer realized the newborn’s heart rate was also dangerously low, fortunately he was able to resuscitate him moments after delivery.

“It took up at least six of us in the back and one of us driving to the hospital just to transport him,” Nicole Hall said.

Daemond survived the ordeal but was forced to spend eight days in the NICU at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Despite everything, Remitha never knew how close her son was to dying during childbirth.

“And I tell people he was our adventure baby because of the way he was born, but I really didn’t know until this moment that he was a miracle baby,” she said.

Remitha told FOX59 the knowledge of her son’s ordeal made the Monday reunion that much sweeter. She added that she’s forever indebted to paramedics Nicole Hall and David Lehenbauer, and she calls them her “angels.”