‘Hired or Fired Week’ on FOX59 Morning News: Did the team make the cut?

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It’s “Hired or Fired Week” on FOX59 Morning News, which means members of the morning show team will step out of their comfort zones to try their hand at a variety of different vocations.

First up this week is Britt Baker, who worked as a mascot for the Indy Fuel.

Britt learned the tricks of the trade from Nitro, the Fuel’s mascot. She donned an inflatable mascot suit to hilarious effect. Was she good enough to make the cut? Watch the video below to find out!

On Tuesday, Angela Ganote tried her hand at photography. She's always had a passion for taking photos, but she says they never come out quite as well as she wants.

She consulted Emily Toney of Pics by Emkay, a Franklin Central senior who has her own photography business. Could Angela find her focus for a picture-perfect audition? Watch the video below to find out!

On Wednesday, Ray Cortopassi learned more about his Italian roots by working as a gondolier along the downtown Indianapolis canal. He learned the tricks of the trade from Jeff Judson of Old World Gondoliers.

Ray was rated on a variety of skills, including singing--a new category added for this special "Hired or Fired." Learn how he did in the video below:

Lindy Thackson has done her share of work with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but she's never worked as a guide at the IMS Museum until now. Things started out well enough, but then she forgot the name of one of the three four-time winners of the race!

Could she rebound from the gaffe? Watch the video below to find out.

For Friday's show, Jim O'Brien went to Midwest Tattoo Company to learn the fine art of tattooing. Britt Baker served as his test subject!

Could Jim get hired and complete the perfect "sweep" for "Hired or Fired Week?" Find out in the video below:

We'd also be remiss if we didn't mention this beauty, a special Ray Cortopassi tattoo right on Jim's back! (Don't worry, it's not permanent!)

Here's the final tally board:

The final tally board for "Hired or Fired Week"