Jogger credited for saving Dalmatian being dragged by car is this week’s Community Hero

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FARMLAND, Ind. - Jingle the Dalmatian got out of his backyard and was hit by a minivan when he tried to cross the street.

The man who him didn't realize he just hit a dog and kept driving.  Mark Ingle who was out jogging that day saw the minivan dragging the dog and started sprinting trying to flag him down.  “I`m just running down the street yelling like a maniac, trying to get him to stop” said Ingle.

When the van stopped Jingle was caught in the wheel well not moving.

Jingle’s owner says it’s a miracle the van came to a stop in front Hartford Veterinary Clinic in Farmland, Ind.  Someone passing by stopped and ran inside to get a doctor while Mark grabbed a jack from the van and started raising it up off to get the weight off Jingle.

Mark says everything was happening so fast, "The dog let out a moan so as I started cranking the car up. The vet said the snout is coming out now."

Miraculously Jingle did not have any broken bones or internal injuries.  He had one surgery and a slow recovery from a few deep cuts and bad road rash.

Jingle's owner Danielle Childress said she thought for sure Jingle was killed until she saw him get up a walk away.

"I'm  just so thankful, grateful...... very grateful just unbelievable. I was worried really that he wasn’t going to come out of it," she said.

Jingle is doing so well he was able to pay a visit to the FOX59 studio to surprise Mark with a very special ‘thank you’ from Fox 59 and Community Health Network.

Mark is the Community Hero for the month of May. We honor him for his quick thinking, fast sprint, and for staying calm in saving Jingle's life.