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New scam targets comedians and other professionals

FISHERS, Ind. -- A local comedian was the target of a recent scam that actually sent him a check before asking him for money.

"That’s one of those things in life I think where you have to make a decision, 'this doesn’t seem right, but wow that’s a lot of money,'" National touring comedian and Fishers resident Scott Long said. "Maybe if I wasn’t this cynical comedian that had been built the way I am, I could have very well fallen for it.”

Long was performing on an Alaskan cruise ship when he got an email from a man, Grover Joshua, asking him if he could perform at his anniversary party in Houston this summer.

Long told him how much it would cost and the man insisted on sending Long a check for that amount, plus money for travel and lodging.

In return, Long was supposed to send a good majority of that money to the scammer's, "travel agent."

“In the meantime, I’m sending them money of my own through Paypal and then they get that money and then they disappear," Long explained. "Your check bounces so you get to pay that late fee and you lose the $1,500 or $2,000.”

Long did not become a victim and instead is sharing his story in hopes that others can detect the scam before they lose money.

Long also shared his story on Facebook and said he heard stories of the scam targeting other service professionals that require a down payment, like caterers.