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Rain chances going up, while temperatures start going down tomorrow!

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A milder start this Tuesday morning, as the wind flow remains out of the south and clouds from overnight have kept our temperatures up! A front is now in the region and shower chances are slowly going up, but any threat of rain today looks VERY LIMITED!!! Although sunshine will be somewhat sparse today, temperatures should still climb into the lower 70s. Overall, I'd give today a solid B-!

A deepening low will be our bigger influence for tomorrow and Thursday! This slow-moving low will add to the cloud cover, along with the rain-cooled air and storms, should put our temperatures well below the late May average of 75°. This will be the trend through Thursday before drier, warmer conditions return for Carb Day!

This weekend's forecast remains one of change...although rain chances remain for each day, it does not mean a washout!!! In fact, as we near the weekend, timing of the showers and storms will become more clear. Weather for the Indy 500 looks to be improving a bit with the greatest threat of rain now in the morning. Stay tuned for more updates in the days ahead!