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U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visits Indy High School

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Education Secretary Betsy Devos is spending another day in town, visiting Providence Cristo Rey High School on Tuesday morning.

The visit follows her appearance on Monday evening downtown at the Westin Hotel. DeVos gave a speech at the American Federation for Children’s annual summit, an organization she once chaired.

During the speech, DeVos said the Trump Administration is proposing the “most ambitious expansion” of school choice in the U.S.

Providence Cristo Rey High School was one of more than 140 schools in the Indianapolis area registered during School Choice Week. The school’s mission statement says the catholic, college prep school offers an “transformational educational experience to students with economic need.”

“I firmly believe every state should provide choices and embrace equal opportunity in education,” DeVos said on Monday night.

“If a state doesn’t want to participate, that would be a terrible mistake on their part. They will be hurting the children and families who can least afford it,” DeVos said.

During her speech, DeVos praised Indiana for having one of the largest and fastest growing voucher programs to help families pay for private schools. Her speech also came one day ahead of Trump’s first budget proposal.

“There’s going to be an element around school choice, much of it more experimental and or research orientated, and there’s also been support in the budget in the past for charter schools,” she said.

Her arrival in the circle city was met by protesters, organized by the State Teachers Association, who say they’re promising to fight any nationwide expansion. Those opposed say it will only hurt the already underfunded public schools.