Local designer takes Fashion at the 500 to a new level

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That’s the reaction every designer hopes for when unveiling a new clothing line.

It’s also the one Jess West got from her customers when she launched a special collection geared towards race fans.

She posted pictures of the shirts, checkered flag print shorts, one-of-a-kind skirts and tops, and the now infamous RompHim on her Instagram earlier this month.

The “likes” quickly started piling up.

“I think it`s a market that not a lot of people think about from a clothing standpoint,” said West.

Jess says her clothes are best-fitted for those partying it up in the Snake Pit.

“Anything goes (in the Snake Pit),” said West.

Every item she designs is then made by hand.

“Some of them took a few hours, some of them take 30-45 minutes,” said West.

Another unique feature of this line is that some of the clothes in it are being re-purposed.

Jess calls it “up-cycling.”

She visits local thrifts stores looking for unique t-shirts that she can then customize for customers.

“There’s a lot of waste. There’s a lot of waste in all kinds of things. But clothes especially, people don’t know a lot about that,” said West.

If you’re interested in checking out more of Jess’s work, be sure to visit her Instagram.

Costs for each piece in this collection vary.

The RompHim is selling for $125.