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IU students spend 48 hours inside Walmart for YouTube challenge

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Walmart provides convenience to many people, but two Indiana University students took things to a whole new level. Christian Perry and Noah Maxwell used the superstore as a type of hotel.

The film and media students say their 48-hour stay was anything but a vacation.

The weirdest time for me was when we were trying to go to sleep because we were so paranoid like what if someone wakes us up in the middle of our sleeping and kicks us out," Maxwell said.

The students documented their adventure on their YouTube channel, The Christian and Noah Show. The video is their biggest hit to date, bringing in more than 23,000 views in five days.

Perry said they decided to embark on the Walmart escapade in-part because they were frustrated with those who have taken the challenge, but don’t show proof they stayed for the whole duration.

To make their stay more enjoyable, the duo played every game in the electronics section and arcade, read books, and listened to podcasts.

They drew some dirty looks from the store’s security during their time in the store. To avoid being kicked out, the two would buy things periodically. They even got haircuts at the in-store salon.

"The concept is basically to showcase our humor, to make funny stuff that we think is funny and we think other people find it's funny, and to make people laugh because I think that's a cool feeling to make people laugh," Perry said.

Now that they've completed the 48-hour challenge, the duo doesn’t plan on stepping foot inside a Walmart again for a very long time.

Perry and Maxwell plan on moving to California after graduating to pursue comedy.