Police seize pot-laced butter and gummy bears during bust at north side Indy home

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UPDATE (December 1, 2017) — Bradley Betts pleaded guilty to dealing marijuana. All other charges against him were dismissed. He was sentenced to 730 days, with the majority of that sentence suspended, and will spend a year on probation.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Two Indianapolis men are behind bars after police raided a home and found a popular candy laced with marijuana.

The bust took place Tuesday in the Canterbury neighborhood on the city’s north side.

The haul included pot-laced butter and gummy bears, according to Indianapolis Metropolitan police. Officers received an anonymous tip about the home in the 5500 block of Carvel Avenue. When they knocked on the door, police said they smelled marijuana.

The residents wouldn’t give consent for officers to search the home, so police applied for and were granted a search warrant.

They seized 36 pounds of marijuana, 270 grams of marijuana gummy bears, more than $9,600 in cash and three guns. In addition, officers recovered the following items:

  • 22 pounds (11 jars) of marijuana butter
  • 47 grams of Psychedelic Shrooms
  • 39 Individual containers of marijuana gummies
  • 20 Schedule II Amphetamine Pills
  • A Ford pickup truck

“It’s an unbelievable amount. How they thought they’d get away with it is beyond me,” said neighbor John Ginther.

Police arrested 25-year-old Bradley Betts on charges of maintaining a common nuisance, dealing marijuana, possession of marijuana and possession of narcotics. A second man, 27-year-old Blake Koss, was arrested on a count of visiting a common nuisance.

The suspect’s home sits right next to Canterbury park, making the discovery of marijuana laced gummy bears hard for neighbors to swallow.

“To have that kind of thing in close proximity to school kids is terrible. It’s terrible,” said Ginther.

In addition to the gummy bear bust in Indianapolis, last week police in Greenfield seized thousands of Sweetarts coated with heroin, meth and Xanex.

Three weeks ago, investigators in Bartholomew county say Sweetarts laced with Xanax were found on a high school student.

The candy based drug busts are an alarming trend for police.

“These are things that are targeted toward children as a way to disguise the drug and it is a problem,” said IMPD officer James Gillespie.

The IMPD says their focus remains taking illegal drugs of all kinds off the streets.

“Ultimately these things are tied to violence. The last thing we want to do is go to peoples home and notify them that their loved one overdosed. So as long as these things are happening, we’re coming after them,” said Gillespie.

Because many of the drug busts stem from anonymous tips, people are encouraged to call police if they see suspected drug activity.