Teachers, students credited with saving 7th grader who collapsed during gym class

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The quick actions of staff and students are being credited with saving a 7th grader’s life.

Omarion Hart collapsed during gym class at Longfellow Middle School and within seconds everyone responded.

"I thought I was about to die but I'm just glad the people at school saved me, and the doctors and God," Omarion said.

The staff was aware he suffered from a heart condition he was born with.

"Everything that needed to happen happened, from Mr. Jackson's quick time getting the nurse in, the nurse and him immediately doing CPR, and our PI Mr. Russell calling 911 getting the EMT here," Principal Jason Smith said.

The principal even made a mad dash to get the defibrillator for his team. Omarion's pediatric cardiologist since birth, Dr. Eric Ebenroth, says their quick actions were crucial.

"For whatever reason that we don't completely understand yet probably did not get enough blood flow to a part of his heart muscle and went into a very fast heart rhythm," said Dr. Ebenroth, a cardiologist at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

Omarion's mother says she can't thank the people who saved her son enough.

"It felt like I was dying because I wasn't there when it happened. I couldn't get to him quick enough. My heart just immediately went to my feet," Kiana Fields said.

Ebenroth installed a pacemaker in Omarion that also has a built in defibrillator so if this ever happens again, the device will automatically kick in. Omarion is hoping to be released from the hospital this week.