Danville police forming database of home security cameras

DANVILLE, Ind. -- Danville police are turning to residents to help them catch crime.

Tuesday, officers launched what they call the “Community Camera Program” to help catch and deter criminals. It's essentially a database of what homes have what cameras.

"We want to catch these individuals, we want them to be on camera, it's so much easier to prosecute somebody when you have them on camera committing a crime, it's hard to deny that," Officer Nate Lien said.

Families can register their cameras with the police department.

"That database will be in our investigations office and we'll be able to pull up anything in the vicinity and make contact with those individuals only if we believe that their cameras may have caught something," Officer Lien said.

Lien said in the past, cameras have helped solve cases. He said a surveillance photo helped identify a suspect after a vehicle was stolen from a neighborhood in early May.

Police said the goal is to not only catch criminals in the act and any vital information to a case, but to also help deter suspects.

"Essentially with the community partnership with our police department now it's gonna make a criminal think twice," Officer Lien said.

But it's not going to take thinking twice for some residents to sign up.

"That's a good idea, I definitely think having the police know where the cameras are at in the neighborhood is handy," said Chris Bennett, who has a security camera system installed on his home.

Police said they won't be able to access cameras remotely. Signing up and turning over video is up to the resident.