June’s first weekend brings warmest of 2017; Rain threat is low until Sunday

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What a way to start the weekend and June's first weekend will be a warm one. Happy Friday everyone!
Today alone temperatures have jumped over 35-degrees in some locations since early Friday morning. The air is dry and heats up fast. Lafayette opens at 47-degrees and has climbed to 83° at 4 pm!
The 'MUGGLIES' (high dew points) or the humidity - is going to remain low and that means we will cool off fast later tonight. The comfortable brand of air will remain for one more day.
We will heat up Saturday - to the WARMEST of 2017 and a high of 86-degrees Saturday. Humidity will start to rise Saturday night.
The shower and thunderstorm threat remains low through Sunday early afternoon but will increase as a cold front sags south and into the central portions of the state.  Ahead and along the front, scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop and increase to areal coverage of 30%.  Many rain-free hours can be expected for Sunday.  With the passage of the front early Monday morning the humidity will lower and the rain threat will diminish.