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String of motorcycle crashes increases awareness and importance for safety

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- After a recent increase in motorcycle crashes, experts are sharing the importance of safety for both drivers and riders.

In the past 2 days there were 4 motorcycle crashes. Two of them were fatal. Experts like David Dellen a dealer and trainer with Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis said it's typical to see an increase in crashes when warm and sunny weather hits.

"In the beginning, there are a few accidents. As time goes on, hopefully that will lower," he said. "It’s safe, but it’s not as safe as we would like it to be."

Dellen said texting and driving has created a whole new set of dangers for both drivers and motorcyclists.

"You’re riding in pretty much a missile going down the street and when you’re on a motorcycle, the cage, we call them cages, there's no cages at that point. There’s no metal around you," he explained.

According to statistics from Indiana State Police and The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, there were 3,263 motorcycle related crashed in 2015. Of those, there were about 108 fatalities and more than 2,600 injuries the same year.

Here's some tips to keep everyone safe on the road:

  • Check for blind spots and mirrors before lane changes
  • Anticipate a motorcyclists movements
  • Allow plenty of space when following a motorcycle

Dellen also said while some people may get annoyed at loud bikes, they help other drivers notice a motorcycle they might not have otherwise seen on the road.

"I know a lot of people give Harley’s a bad rap for being loud, but loud pipes save lives. That’s one of our motto’s we use, because people can hear you. They can see you," he said.

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