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Cooling off after some early season heat; When do we see out first 90-degree day?


A refreshing change is underway tonight.  A north wind will continue to deliver cooler and much less humid air throughout night.  After the warmest spell of 2017, reaching 88-degrees earlier Monday afternoon.  We will lower temperatures over 30-degrees by Tuesday morning.

90s SOON?

When do we see out first 90-degree day?

It was awfully warm the past few days. Monday marked four straight 80-degree days and we reached a high of 88-degrees. That's the warmest of 2017 and warmest since last September 22nd.

Our first 90-degree day is right around the corner. In fact, we could reach int by later next weekend or a week from today.

We average 19 90-degree days per year. On average the first day in June 14th.

The earliest came April 24th, 1924. Last year we reached our first 90° on June 11th.

The latest first 90? In 2004 - there were NO 90-degree days! Beside 2004 the latest first 90-degree day was July 8th, 1887

The most 90's came in 1983 when 58 days topped 90 or higher.